An Exterior Garden in the Green Areas

An Ornamental Garden close to the House

The current Village Inn (the inn and restaurant for the open-air museum) has been placed in a hall house typical of Lower Saxony as a protected memorial.

The garden facility around the Village Inn exists as a representation of the many gardens that existed in the rural areas close to the cities until the middle of the 20th century. Visitors to the popular restaurant can walk the garden paths of the ornamental gardens close to the building. The flowerbeds have been planted with decorative roses and many types of shrubs. A hedge arch formed a copper beech leads to another area of the garden, which has been planted with a decorative, circular flower bed, ornamental rambling roses and a bench for lingering.

Out to the Country

A Garden next to the Village Inn

The presentation garden created next to the Village Inn represented the style of gardening at that time. As a facility open to the public, this garden in the green area was a very popular destination.

Like the Village Inn garden facility, tables and stools were placed on a large lawn space and under the shade of trees for entertaining the guests. The public gardens in the green areas lost their importance and attractiveness as private automobile traffic increased at the beginning of the Fifties.

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