Insights into the textile collection
All of us are surrounded daily by textiles of the most varied kinds: be it hand towels, curtains, clothes or bedding and table linen. Textiles are a significant part of our culture which we cannot imagine living without. The clothes chosen by a person can be understood as a direct expression of age, sex or also belonging to particular social groups. Historical textiles often give us decisive evidence about the living conditions of the people from particular periods or regions.
There are textile collections in the museums which deliver us the basis for research, in that they contribute to clarifying cultural and art-history questions, such as whether and since when there was clothing suitable for children or which stages of development, for instance men’s trousers, went through.
“Jackets like trousers” offers a colourful profile of the approximately 8,000 items in the Museumsdorf textile collection. The very different textiles and accessories were predominantly made in the 18th – 20th centuries and originate from the area of Lower Saxony.

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