Around the clock
From time immemorial, people have not only been on the search for a better time, but also for better ways to measure time, to state the “correct” time. In the exhibition “Rund um die Uhr [Round the Clock]”, the Museumsdorf shows the products of the skills of the watchmakers in the town and country in the Weser-Ems area. The time of change in the early 19th century, when the hand-made verge clocks were slowly driven out by the industrially-produced cylinder clocks and watchmakers were often “only” there to repair, forms a focus of the exhibition. A second change came in the 1970’s, which was marked by the introduction of electronic clocks. The extremely inexpensive production made possible by this led to an end of that time when the clock could serve as a status symbol of the owner’s status. The exhibition shows the broad spectrum from the giant church tower clock to the pocket clock, which the proud owner mostly wore on a chain only on Sundays, to the modern electronic chronometer, which always comes up with a large variety of information.

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