Main Building of the Haake Farm in Cappeln

Main Building of the Haake Farm in Cappeln (Cloppenburg County), built in 1793. Re-constructed at the open-air museum in 1950.

Warm beer next to the hearth

The little beer hatch in the rear wall of this building testifies that this stately farmhouse not only served as an agricultural building but also as an inn since its construction in 1793. Custom beer was brewed here, which enjoyed a good reputation in the region. The desirable drink, which was drunk warm at that time (an unusual practice from the modern point of view, when people have learned to enjoy cold beer), was stored in the cool cellar under the guest rooms.




From guest rooms to garden bar

Even the preference for getting drunk together has changed significantly over the decades since the construction of this building. In 1790, it was barely imaginable to drink a beer with other in a guest room. The semi-public site for the enjoyment of beer was the hearth with its open fire pit. Even at the middle of the century however, many attitudes and fashions had been changed and an enclosed guest room had been built in the Haake Inn. As the farm ultimately became converted into an inn with a garden bar towards the end of the 19th century, it largely conformed to the image that is now connected with the term “inn”.


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