Deddens Farmhouse from Hollenermoor

Deddens Farmhouse from Hollenermoor (Cloppenburg Cty.), built between 1700 & 1750.

Life on the colonial island of Saterland

With its hip roof lying deeply even at the front gable, this building at the open-air museum attracts special attention at first glance. It originated from the Saterland, a very small colonial island in the middle of the moor region in Northern Cloppenburg Country. The soil quality there was minimal. The economic areas were extremely limited and direct trade over the Ems River with East Frisia was counted among the few advantages from which the people in this region could benefit.


Hay storage through the roof

All of the living functions and agricultural business are found in the Deddens farmhouse in the smallest of spaces. The cupboard beds typical for the region were directly next to the cattle stalls and the little hearth with its open fire accommodated practically everything that was part of the household’s daily routine. Even the rear area of the building, where the living was normally located in the Netherland’s hall houses, was used for agricultural purposes in this Economy of the Smallest Space. Hay was stored there, which was carried in through the small roof surfaces covered by bricks.

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