Main Building of the Meyer Colony from Firrel (Leer County)

Main Building of the Meyer Colony from Firrel (Leer County), built between 1903 & 1904. Re-constructed at the open-air museum between 2001 and 2003.


The new colony over the course of time

This small farmhouse was built as part of the modern agricultural colonizing measures, which were developed to take advantage of new agricultural areas between the Foundation of the Empire in 1871 and the beginning of the World War I in 1914. In 1903, the thirty-year-old Wübbe Meyer perceived an opportunity to establish an adequate existence on more than eleven hectares of land.

Changes in the life of a house

The establishment of the building reflected the changing story of families of the following decades with the absence of the owners during World War I and the death of their inheritors in World War II and the administration of the church leader in the Twenties as well as the slow acceptance of numerous technological developments. Many elements have survived this period with many things remaining the same, however the styles changed over time so that the open fire pit is exhibited today next to the flower receptacles in the three-legged table style.

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