The Furniture Collection of the Open-air Museum

The Furniture Collection as Witness to Craftsmanship and Everyday History
The museum village is more than 90 years old – and that is how old the collection activity in all areas of rural cultural history. Furniture from then plays an important role, in addition to structural memorials. The furniture examples will be put on display as part of the comprehensive exhibit in the open-air museum’s buildings. However, in the meantime, one collection in particular has grown due to the long-term, focused collection and research activities. This collection significantly exceeds the exhibition capabilities available.

This collection includes all of the residential and functional areas of the diverse social layers of the rural area from the end of the Middle Ages to the modern furniture styles of the present.
The open-air museum will exhibit their extensive furniture collection
The open-air museum will present a cross-section of this collection in an extensive public exhibition. Even in this area, the museum will be consistently following its objective of providing visitors with comprehensive insights into their magazine collection.

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